Come costruire un negozio di affiliazione Amazon su Shopilo

Interested in launching an e-commerce store, but don’t have a ton of capital that you can use to buy inventory? Here’s what you can do - consider setting up an Amazon affiliate store on Shopilo, as opposed to a regular e-commerce store.

With an Amazon affiliate store, you don’t need to worry about (or invest in):

  • * Product development
  • * Shipping
  • * Customer service
  • * other operational tasks
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All you need to do is to grow your traffic and make sure that your website visitors convert to paying users.

We’re not actually promising you that you’ll be a millionaire right away. But Amazon affiliate stores are definitely a viable way to make money on the Internet.

Ready to learn how to build your first ever Amazon affiliate store on Shopilo? Let’s get started!

The beauty of Amazon affiliate stores on Shopilo is that they allow you to get started with e-commerce, without quite committing.

With traditional e-commerce stores, you need to go all in. This means sourcing your products, importing them, packaging them, and then shipping them out when you’ve received an order.

With Amazon affiliate stores, all you do is publish content which will drive sales on Amazon’s website. Your visitor browses through your site, and when they see something they like, they can click on your affiliate link and be redirected to Amazon. Because your visitor is now browsing Amazon through your affiliate link, Amazon can track their purchases and attribute them to you. If your visitor makes a purchase on Amazon within the specified time period, you’ll get a commission.

Amazon Associates

The first step to creating your own Amazon affiliate store on Shopilo is to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program. You can do that by clicking on this link.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to wait for Amazon to approve your profile. In the meantime, you can get started on selecting the products to feature in your store!

Adding products to your store

Creating an online store is fairly easy. Shopilo will set up your store for you, so you don’t need to worry about paying for web hosting or a server. Simply upload your products with pictures to be able to sell items online. Set up a fully-hosted online store in just minutes. The online store was designed with you in mind, meaning you don’t need to hire any web designers or programmers to get started.

Let’s go:

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